''Ebonyopal"     This is Gemco Mining of Honduras drp71852@yahoo.com  Ebonyopal is a trademark owned by Gemco.

Sorry no frills, no bells and no whistles. Just simply the best opal. We are the real deal, not just a "so called" Mining Company, we are the only "legally licensed" Opal mining company in all of Central America period. We live here and own our home here in Honduras. Others have tried but have not succeeded. Watch out for imposters! We can provide a copy of our legal license, deed and references on demand . Always ask for proof in writing before doing business when buying Ebonyopal.
Ebonyopal will not give you any misleading information to make a "sale". Yes, Ebonyopal must be stabilized to obtain a professional polish. Ebonyopal has the only proven stabilizing process to date with a patent pending.   

Ebonyopal of Central America offers inexpensive Ebonyopal. Cabochon supplies for special jewelry design. Interesting unique and unusual cut Ebonyopal. Beveled and polished gemstone supplies for the artistic designer who truly is searching for something special that will support his or her own creative perspective. It is important that we follow the Ebonyopal seam in the BLACK matrix to bring out the rainbow of colors in each cabochon. Standard run of the mill Opal cabochons are readily available on the Internet. Our Ebonyopal offers many gemstone jewelry design possibilities. Custom lapidary orders are available upon request. We have the only Opal on earth that can be duplicated for interesting unique and unusual matched cabochon pairs. Special attention is given towards cabochon designing for the purpose of bezel type settings. I feel we are the only true Opal mining company that can give a full replacement guarantee on all Ebonyopal sold by one of our authorized dealers.
We are a Opal mining company that can also provide rough. This is our life so it is important we make you happy with your purchase. We have been licensed as the only opal mining company in all of Central American since 2004. WE ARE NOT A FLY BY NIGHT COMPANY
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